Woven Straw Sunvisor - Sand White

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Woven Straw Sunvisor - Brown
Artistically crafted with Love

  • 100% Handwoven / handmade. 

Local Artisans Support

We love it when local artisans express themselves and their culture through their handcrafted masterpieces. It is Salt and Tan's commitment to offer ethical and fair trade without any binding contracts, overtime work and child labour. We support every artist's freedom to take control of their own prices and own working hours. We couldn't be happier to be a part of their success as they build a sustainable business for themselves and their respective families.

No unfair markups

Who hates overpriced item and rip-offs? Don't worry, we hate it too! Salt and Tan sources all our items locally, without any middleman. Bringing you only the best deal among all.

 Shop with a heart

Apart from supporting local artisans, Salt and Tan also desires in offering the local society more love, education and skills, especially to the future of all communities ---- children. Therefore, Salt and Tan decided that 10% from each purchase will go to our YKPA Bali Street Kids Project in Indonesia.

 By supporting this project, you are:

  • Supporting a shelter for street kids and an orphanage for orphans who are seeking relief from the streets
  • Supporting YKPA's temporary refugee camp for the victims of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Indonesia
  • Helping children escape poverty through better education and school facilities
  • Helping physically and emotionally abused women and their children through village outreach

To learn more, please visit their official website at https://ykpa.org/

We are looking forward to having you as our partner in empowering and providing bright future to local artisans and the balinese children!

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Woven Straw Sunvisor - Sand White
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